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finished MSG awards hockey sticks

Something cool we’ve been working on is these commemorative hockey sticks for Madison Square Garden and the New York Rangers. We’ve been commissioned to create these on an ongoing basis as awards for season ticket holders who have held season tickets for 50 consecutive years.
These are essentially works of art, sculptures cut, carved and fabricated from solid bronze. We utilize modern CAD techniques to create the form for cutting on our waterjet, then take the cutouts and hand sculpt with grinders and sanders to give the final shape which mimics that of a regulation hockey stick.

MSG-elbow after waterjet cutting

work in progress: elbows after cutting.


work in progress: stick ends after rolling

The stick ends are engraved with the recipient’s names on the curved surface. Each stick is unique and has the name of a 50 year season ticket holder.
This is the third year we have been commissioned to produce these for MSG.
This year we also produced a stick for team trainer Damien Hess for his 1000 games of dedication to the team, and for Sam Rosen commemorating his 30 years of commentating as the “Voice of the Rangers”.
The sticks will be presented during a small red carpet ceremony on the ice at this year’s opening day at Madison Square Garden.



A ten person conference table that doubles as a high quality ping-pong table! Perfect for those company meetings, or to blow off some steam during lunch time. Z-Studios designed and fabricated every part of this novel folding ping-pong/conference table for a client who approached us with an idea and a bad quality photo torn out of a magazine.

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